SB Cooling

Now more than ever there is a need to make better use of our money and energy. We at SB Cooling realise this and will work with you to achieve this objective.

Refurbishment & Upgrade

We can work with your existing equipment and refurbish or upgrade ONLY the parts of the system that need it. Making your equipment work better and Saving you money & energy.

F-gas registered

F-Gas Registered Maintenance

It is a requirement to annually service all equipment using 3kg or more of F-Gas. We are registered to do this. And this will make your equipment work better and Save you money and energy.

Energy Saving Air to Air Heat Pump

Energy saving Air to Air Heat Pump can provide heating and cooling for the home. It also features air cleaning technology which is particularly beneficial to allergy sufferers.

A heat pump heats your home in winter and cools your home in summer
A heat pump heats your home in winter
and cools your home in summer

The heat pump comprises an outdoor and an indoor unit which convert energy in the air (even on the coldest days) into heat for your home. The outdoor unit extracts the energy in air outside the property. This absorbed heat is turned into hot air by the indoor unit and distributed within the property.

These units can be up to 400% efficient
Heat pumps can deliver 400% efficiency
These units can be up to 400% efficient that means if you put 1Kw of electricity in you get 4Kw of heat out, saving you money and energy

Air source heat pumps are suitable for ALL properties. It's operated using a remote control.

Chiller System Water Treatment

Heat transfer fluid is a specially designed package of industrial corrosion and scale inhibitors.

Maintaining clean heat transfer systems allows for a high operating efficiency. Scale and rust build up acts as a powerful insulator against the transfer of heat, drastically reducing system efficiency and equipment life. The corrosion & scale inhibitors in the product give reliable and lasting protection against corrosion and scaling to all metals common in heat transfer systems

Renovation of ceiling tiles

Over time ceiling tiles can become stained with dirt and grime from the heat pump system. its far more cost effective to re-paint or renovate your stained tiles than replace, please ask about this service that can be done while we maintain you?re A/C equipment, once again SAVING you MONEY.