SB Cooling

Floor-mounted air conditioning unit
Floor-mounted air conditioning
unit for residential use

We can supply, install, and maintain all types of residential and commercial heating and cooling systems.

Residential Heating & Cooling

We can plan, supply & install the complete system for conservatories, bedroom and other required areas.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioning unit
Server room
air conditioning systems

Commercial Air Conditioning

Offices, leisure establishments, public areas, communication, computer and server room. Packaged, split systems, multi-split systems, wall, floor and ceiling mounted indoor units can all be supplied, installed and cared for by Simon and his team.

Energy-Saving Heating from renewable sources

Huge savings can be made by installing a energy saving heat pump system for heating purposes. Using the air as a renewable energy sources in this way will improve your carbon footprint and save you money at the same time.